The Strict Dominatrix

She stood above him; mouth a laughing taunting scarlet gash as she wiped his lips with her pussy lips. She had been riding his face with her cunt for hours and he was exhausted and tied to the bed. Lorna had been paid to do this by the man himself. He was an odd one. He loved to be dominated and humiliated and to tell you the truth she loved to comply.

He paid very well and was quite handsome. His need for humiliation was not easily won. He needed it bad. She grew her pussy hair to taunt him and to make it rough against his face as she lowered herself over and over. His tongue and nose were totally engulfed in her juicy twat. Lorna had cum over and over and now she wanted to allow her slave boy some more of what he needed. She let him breathe a bit. His face had a rash from her cunt rub and he expelled a huge amount of air.

Then she let out a stream of hot pee that ran down his face. His cock was ramrod straight. He loved this. She whipped her long hair around. It was down to her incredible ass and she wrapped it around his cock and jerked him off with it for two tortuously slow strokes. He sighed. She knew this man like the back of her hand.

She ordered him to turn around and laughed at him as he attempted but his ties were too tight. She released one arm and leg at a time as she flipped him over and clasped the metal cuffs behind his back as she pulled his hair severly.

” You are not a man. You are a little pussy!,” she said.
He knew better than to answer.
She pushed the plug into his ass and he moaned. She fucked him with it a little bit. He was lying on his erection and smelling his peed on face.
He paid her well to humiliate him.

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While on his back she got out her cat-o-nine tails and gave him little hot lashings across the tender flesh off his back and ass. She rubbed her breasts over the reddened skin and reached under to tease his cock a bit as he spurted cum onto the bed. ” You made a mess! I want you to lick it up!”

She released his restraints and watched as he licked up his own cum. She stood up, wiggling her ass to the table where she lit a cigarette ashed it in his face blew him a kiss and left him naked and messy in the cold room.

She was the best.