Slave Chloe Davis Tit Tortured

At six foot 2 inches tall, naturally dominant Amazon, Chloe Davis, isn’t the everyday ShadowSlave. incoming in four in. heels, she towers over Magick, who decides she has to be hamper to size. attachment her ample breasts tight to the ceiling, he begins with a whipping, before assaultive her tight flesh with vicious clamps, hanging serious weights from her cunt. Removing her heels will increase the pressure on her tits, that suffer the bite of his crop.

Made to kneel, she is brought all the way down to his level, and her face is his new target, with clamps biting into her nose, ears and lips, as weights stretch her nipples. Chains and strings tear at her clamped breasts and cunt, as he whips her most intimate areas, deed her panting in pain.

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Pushed to the ground, she is burned with searing hot candle-wax and sparklers, before being gagged and used as a punch-bag. Defeated, Magick subjects her to a series of Earth-shattering orgasms, till she collapses, exhausted, however her ordeal isn’t over however. labelled because the cunt she is, serious metal stretching cages are hooked up to her already sore nipples, and pulled to the ceiling, deed her drooling and tearful, as additional orgasms tear through her body. control in situ with the severe teat stretchers, she is hooded, and left, kneel and alone, to contemplate her new life as a ShadowSlave