Glamour Girl Tied Up

Glamour Girls Tied Up! It’s difficult to mention glamour bondage without thinking of Madison Young, and her last visit to lead us right there: to the heart of classic glamour.

Madison Young is the perfect damsel in this hot set of subversive beauty – Enjoy! Tight Bondage is achieved in more than one way. Using a person’s own body weight in a scene is one the most efficient paths to bondage bliss around, and Madison Young can attest to the powers of suspension.

Madison Young is tied into a tight karada and suspended sideways. Free Your Mind. Bondage and freedom make up a pair of opposites that weave a thread throughout our entire existence. And when they collide the resultant implosion brings us one step closer to the divine.

Thank goodness for our lovely conduit, Madison Young. She is tied up and pushed over the edge of fear into a pit of sensual ecstasy that one she can understand. We just get to experience it through her eyes.

Madison Young showed up in a little black dress that inspired this set of rope bondage and pressed us into an entire afternoon’s service to the camera and to our libidos. Trinity is tightly bound, suspended, exposed, and twisted up to please both the camera and ourselves.