The Piggie – New Humiliation Movie

British Emma Louise tormented at The Pain Files

British humiliation loving fetishmodel Emma Louise and her master. Emma Louise and her master are getting downright dirty in the old barn. She is dressed up as a piggie, smeared in filth and loving it ! Emmas master completes her humiliation scene by giving her piggie ears, a nosehook and writing on her once so delicious body.

Extreme Humiliation and Pain
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The messy humiliation of slavegirl Emma Louise is taken to the extreme in the old barn, when the degraded submissive is litterally taken through the dirt, nose hooked, whipped and tormented to tears. Emma Louise cries and begs, but there is no mercy for the piggy slavegirl. The tears on the face of Emma Louise, the piggie, only inspires her evil master to intensify the punishment and humiliation of the poor submissive.

Extreme Humiliation and Pain

From the full length The Pain Files release The Piggie. Available for download in full high resolution at The Pain Files

Extreme Humiliation and Pain

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BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 2

   She thought she would die, and her Master put his hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair, and telling her, ‘be still, pet.’  She was trembling as he took the crop from her mouth, stroking the backs of her thighs and her burning ass with the stiff leather.

   She heard the crop whip through the air a split second before she felt the welt rise, and it was all she could do to keep from screaming. A few encouraging words from her Master helped her hold position, and the next twenty three strokes were briskly applied, and at that point she could have cared less who else was in the room.

   Her knees were pulled up as far as they would go towards her head, and she was frantically trying to rub her burning, welted ass on the cool covers beneath her. She felt the bed sag behind her and realized that a man was kneeling behind her. She felt a hard cock bounce off her ass, and heard the unmistakable sound of the lid pop off of a Vaseline jar.  To the side of the bed she could see her Master’s boots, standing next to her, and she now knew that the man behind her was the stranger.  His finger was now applying the grease to her anal pucker, and a finger slowly inserted itself into her asshole, all the way to the palm of the hand. 

   She heard her Master telling her that she was an anal slut, that this is what she had trained for, and as he stroked her hair she felt the strangers cockhead at the entrance to her ass, and she moaned as the flared head made its entrance, slowly easing into her.  The man stopped just inside her, and her Master untied her hands and told her to spread her ass for the man.  She reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks wide, and as she did she felt the cock slide into her ass, until she could feel the hair on the man’s stomach against her beaten ass and thighs.  She began to salivate as she was stretched, the pain giving her a faint pang of pleasure as he withdrew, then slowly sliding into her again. 

   The man was re-positioning himself behind her, and she spread her knees wider, thrusting her ass back to him as he began to increase the speed of his fuck. She had taken six full, hard strokes of cock in her ass when her Master reached between her legs and stroked her clit, and she came against his hand, her cunt squirting on his fingers and her ass clenching on the strangers cock imbedded in her asshole, and she felt the man’s hot spunk squirting into her bowels.

    She was sobbing with the intensity of her orgasm as she felt the man withdraw, and she felt his sperm leaking from her gaping asshole, and then he was in front of her, his shrinking penis covered in the slime of their fuck. She sucked the juices off of his cock, and sucked the sperm from the hair around his balls as best she could, then her Master’s erection was in front of her, and she sucked her Master off with the most loving devotion she could muster, gazing lovingly up into his eyes as he held her head, shooting his seed into her sucking mouth.

  Her Master then made her walk, naked, to the door with man.  She was then made to assume the prostrate slave position, and thank the man for fucking her in the ass. She then repeated the words that her Master related to her.