Maitresse Camille – A French SM Adventure

Holding his difficult cock in the hand of her, Paris Maitresse Camille looked into Eric’s dark blue eyes with her mild green ones. The intensity of her stare only reinforced the dominance of her over him and the reality that he was really her property. I have the cock, do not I?
Being gagged with a pink rubber ball, he might just nod the agreement of his.

Indeed, I do own the cock of yours and the balls of yours, she stated while continuing to stare intensely and intently at her submissive. She smiled upon witnessing the submission of his to her shown in his eyes. Yes, you do understand I have you.

He jumped and uttered a muffled moan as the tan leather glove overlaying her hand stroked the diamond of his hard cock. He enjoyed the sense of natural leather against his skin whether it was the gloved hand of her or maybe the burn of her favorite flogger. He jumped once again when she wiped the pre cum from the point of the cock of his. He watched in fascination as she licked his pre cum out of the index finger of her leather glove.

Maitresse BDSM and Erics slavery

And so tasty, she provided. Watching his hard cock pulsate as it hovered just above the abdomen of his and also pointed towards the chin of his, she added, Therefore needy. Taking his hard cock back into the gloved hand of her, she gradually stroked it while carrying it loosely. Seeing the response of his, she said, I think you will like to cum for me.

Eric eagerly nodded yes in agreement to the observation of her. He arched the body of his and also moaned softly as he begged within the sole manner he can for his Mistress to allow him cum.

Not today, my pet. Maitresse Camille carried on to softly stroke the cock of his while exploring his bound balls. She might feel his hot cock pulsating in the hands of her as she skillfully placed him directly on the edge of getting off of.

In frustration, he carried on to express the immediate need of his for release by arching the body of his, flexing his moaning and also cock as loudly as the ball gag would allow. He jumped as she again wiped off his pre cum. His gaze fell on her black leather bustier and also the fantastic amount of cleavage it produced as it supported and pressed her breasts together.

Indeed, you’re very needy & your balls are intending to burst, she surmised. She was aware of his eyes concentrating on the breasts of her. She licked his pre cum from the fingertips on the leather glove.

True, Mistress, he needed to shout before begging her to allow him cum. And in case it were not of the gag, he will beg as the slut she’d trained him to be. He will beg shamelessly and unabatedly. He strained contrary to the bonds which held his naked body spread eagle over the bed while Maitresse Camille stroked the cock of his and also created increasingly pre cum ooze from the point.

While flooring the edge of the foundation, she leaned over and also took the cock of his into her hot soft lips. With the mouth of her around the point, she squeezed the shaft and extracted the pre cum she can from him. She liked the flavor almost almost as she enjoyed just how he squirmed in response to her dental talents. She knew she could whip him climax in a quick and therefore treat herself to his terrific tasting cum. She resisted the urge. Letting his cock slip from the mouth of her, she licked the lips of her.

He recoiled when she touched the balls of his. They had been very vulnerable after she’d employed a natural leather strap to securely encircle the upper part of the scrotum of his and after that sort the toes of his therefore every one was visible beneath the surface area of your skin on the scrotum plus completely exposed for her enjoyment and use. He moaned when she squeezed the remaining 1 and provided him a gentle jolt of pain.

My balls require a few special interest, she matter-of-factly informed him. She squeezed the left ball once again to bolster the point that she had it.

He watched as she left to obtain whatever she had to provide the balls of her a few special interest. He enjoyed the way the black leather panties seemed to be molded to the luscious curves of her and just how long and smooth the black colored heels and dark thigh top hose made her amazing legs appear. His eyes widened as he watched the riding crop plus the electrical fly swatter. Shit.

Deliberately and slowly, she moved the flap of the riding crop over the balls of his. She let his anticipation build. Then abruptly and with no warming, she used a sharp swat to his best ball.

Eric voiced the response of his since the ache relocated from his ball to an area deep inside of him only behind the pubic bone of his. It hurt as hell. He really wanted to massage the ball of his and make it feel a minimum of a little better. He jerked when another ball was struck. Tears filled the eyes of his in the pain. He now needed to beg her to quit, but could not. His cock was becoming flaccid. He jerked as each ball was struck once again.

She waited for him to recover. Then having the flyswatter before the face of his, she let him listen to her trigger the switch. She watched the fear within his eyes. I do love using it a lot, she commented.

He recognized she was holding the button down and therefore increasing the intensity of the jolt of energy he will think. Damn.

The arc of electrical energy relocated from the flyswatter to his bound left ball with a clear snapping sound. He bit into the heel gag as an intensive jolt of electricity assaulted the jewels of his. Damn! Damn! He closed the eyes of his as he noticed her activated the switch again. He waited for the cock of his and ball torture to keep on. He did not have to wait a long time. He strained against the bonds of his as the arc of electrical power jumped from the flyswatter to the other ball of his. Ouch! Fuck me!

I do possess your balls and cock, do not I? Maitresse Camille questioned once again.

Eric nodded the agreement of his. He waited for the pain to diminish while she lightly massaged the balls of his. He moaned the endorsement of his as a means of thanking the Mistress of his just for the little quantity of help she was giving him.

Indeed, that feels so much more effective, she said.

His cock started to be erect again and also indicated the agreement of his with the assessment of her. He tensed as he noticed the flyswatter being activated.

While stroking his today rock tough cock, she checked out his clamped nipples. Then touching the flyswatter on the idea of the crushed nipple, she carried on the training of his. She smiled as he moaned over and recoiled on the shot of pain. By the time he’d settled down, she’d triggered the flyswatter once again and quickly provided the appropriate nipple an effective jolt of electricity. Equal treatment, she informed him as he share into the heel gag plus strained once again the natural leather cuffs which held him securely on the foundation.

Remember to no more, Mistress, he needed to voice. He wished the tears in the eyes of his would convey that message.

These tits are owned by me, too. She smiled as he nodded the agreement of his. Then going the fingertips of her over the sign of the ownership of her, his black leather collar, she added, And I have you, my special slut, almost all of you.

He did not hesitate to nod the total agreement of his. They’d simply celebrated the 2nd anniversary of theirs of his being her collared submissive. He jerked in response to the pain as she made certain his butt plug was still full placed into the ass of his.

I have all of the holes of yours. Plus all of the holes of yours and every one of you’ll be helping me and also my guests tonight. She gave him a wicked smile.

He investigated the green eyes of her with a glance which told her that will indeed willingly serve her and the visitors of her. He’d created the promise to the Mistress of his in his collaring ceremony to deliver her in any way she preferred and he will hold that promise.

Well, I believe I’ve shown I do wear you and all of the holes of yours, she mentioned.

Considering his training this evening with its blend of pain, absolute control and pleasure, he nodded his complete agreement. He moaned when she pressed the butt plug into him while stroking the cock of his.

I am going to control everything that you feel & experience.” She skillfully coaxed the cock of his into a raging hard-on. You’re very difficult and so needy,” she found with a feeling of satisfaction.

His moans and his body language again agreed with the assessment of her.

Deliberately, she stroked the cock of his and slowly brought him to the purpose of climaxing. Sensing the demand of his, she purchased, Cum for me. Cum, my slut. She enhanced the pace with which she was stroking his pulsating and rock hard cock.

The command of her, the butt plug as well as the fantastic touch of natural leather made it simple for him to follow. With curled toes, loud moans and pushing against the bonds of his, Eric spewed forth a huge amount of heavy, rich, hot and white cum. He sensed it landing on the abdomen of his as 7 powerful therefore gratifying ejaculations shook the entire body of his with an intensity of enjoyment that just the Mistress of his might provide.

She carried on to stroke the cock of his making him squirm with pleasure. Yes, your toes were intending to burst, she provided when she observed the abundance of his ejaculation. I do not wish to fritter away a drop, she stated before leaning forward and also lapping up his special gift to her.

Thank you, Mistress, he attempted to voice. He liked the attentions of her. He moaned and jumped when she eventually took the cock of his into the mouth of her and finished savoring the last drops of the cum of his. He carried on to moan until she was done. When she removed the gag of his, Thank you, he said, Mistress. Thank you.

You are going to thank me, the pet of mine, she advised him while taking out the natural leather strap from the toes of his.

Whatever you desire, Mistress. He patiently waited for her to release him from the bonds of his. When his legs have been freed, he flexed the knee then stretched them out.

The visitors of mine are going to be right here in 2 hours, she advised him while releasing his wrists. I’ll expect you being squeaky clean, effectively dressed and ready to deliver most of the needs of theirs at that moment.

He massaged his wrists. Yes, Mistress. He paused, sat up and swung the legs of his across the edge of the bed. Properly dressed, Mistress?

Yes. I’ve presented the items I would like you to wear tonight. You are going to find them in the room of yours. And I expect you paying careful attention to each detail in getting dressed the same as you have been have coached by me. I won’t tolerate some sloppiness on the part of yours. My guests should have the best and are going to get it.

He observed the warning in her voice. Yes, Mistress. I will not disappoint you, he said.

I’ve no doubt about which. Today, get going. You will require the 2 hours making yourself completely prepared to deliver me and also my guests. She watched as the dungeon was left by him. A smile came out on the experience of her as she deemed the success of her in training him being such a submissive slut. She knew that today’s session had taken him right into a really serious submissive mindset. “And as he finishes with the preparations of his, he will be a lot more submissive and completely ready to deliver me,” she commented to herself. Then seeing what time it was, she added, I’ve lots to do myself.”