Joslyn James cuckolds you with cum-filled condom

Joslyn James cum eating instruction

Your girlfriend Joslyn James knows exactly how to push your buttons. She knows that nothing turns you on more than being degraded and disrespected in a cuckold situation. So tonight, she went ahead and invited her other man over while you were away. The thought of her being with another man while you were not there was already enough to make your blood boil, but she took it one step further.

When you walked into the bedroom, Joslyn was sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in sexy lingerie that barely covered her big tits and curves. Her tattoos stood out against her skin, adding to the edgy vibe she exuded. But what caught your attention the most was the used condom she held in her hand.

She smirked as she saw your reaction, knowing that this would send you into a frenzy. “Guess what I got here!” she taunted, waving the condom in front of your face. “Yeah, it’s from earlier. I just pulled it out of my pussy ’cause I knew you were coming. I kept it nice and warm for you.”

A mix of arousal and anger surged through you as you watched her playfully twirl the condom between her fingers. You knew what she wanted from you – to eat the cum from another man, proving your complete submission to her desires.

Her words only confirmed it. “So you want to eat this cum, don’t you?” she purred, leaning closer to you. “You want to be a perfect little cuckold and make me super happy!”

Joslyn’s voice was dripping with satisfaction as she reveled in her power over you. And as much as it enraged you, there was also a part of you that couldn’t deny how turned on you were by all of this.

“All you need to worry about is swallowing every last drop of his load,” she commanded, holding the condom up to your mouth.

You hesitated for a moment, unsure if you could go through with it. But then you remembered how much this pleased Joslyn and how much it turned you on. Without another thought, you opened your mouth and she slipped the open end of the condom inside.

Your girlfriend watched with an amused smile as you sucked on the condom, tasting the remnants of her other man’s pleasure. And as you swallowed every drop, she let out a moan of pleasure, completely satisfied by your submission.

But this was just the beginning for Joslyn and her love of humiliation and domination. If this flavor of kink was what turned you on the most, she had plenty more in store for you.

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