Maitresse Camille – A French SM Adventure

Holding his difficult cock in the hand of her, Paris Maitresse Camille looked into Eric’s dark blue eyes with her mild green ones. The intensity of her stare only reinforced the dominance of her over him and the reality that he was really her property. I have the cock, do not I?
Being gagged with a pink rubber ball, he might just nod the agreement of his.

Indeed, I do own the cock of yours and the balls of yours, she stated while continuing to stare intensely and intently at her submissive. She smiled upon witnessing the submission of his to her shown in his eyes. Yes, you do understand I have you.

He jumped and uttered a muffled moan as the tan leather glove overlaying her hand stroked the diamond of his hard cock. He enjoyed the sense of natural leather against his skin whether it was the gloved hand of her or maybe the burn of her favorite flogger. He jumped once again when she wiped the pre cum from the point of the cock of his. He watched in fascination as she licked his pre cum out of the index finger of her leather glove.

Maitresse BDSM and Erics slavery

And so tasty, she provided. Watching his hard cock pulsate as it hovered just above the abdomen of his and also pointed towards the chin of his, she added, Therefore needy. Taking his hard cock back into the gloved hand of her, she gradually stroked it while carrying it loosely. Seeing the response of his, she said, I think you will like to cum for me.

Eric eagerly nodded yes in agreement to the observation of her. He arched the body of his and also moaned softly as he begged within the sole manner he can for his Mistress to allow him cum.

Not today, my pet. Maitresse Camille carried on to softly stroke the cock of his while exploring his bound balls. She might feel his hot cock pulsating in the hands of her as she skillfully placed him directly on the edge of getting off of.

In frustration, he carried on to express the immediate need of his for release by arching the body of his, flexing his moaning and also cock as loudly as the ball gag would allow. He jumped as she again wiped off his pre cum. His gaze fell on her black leather bustier and also the fantastic amount of cleavage it produced as it supported and pressed her breasts together.

Indeed, you’re very needy & your balls are intending to burst, she surmised. She was aware of his eyes concentrating on the breasts of her. She licked his pre cum from the fingertips on the leather glove.

True, Mistress, he needed to shout before begging her to allow him cum. And in case it were not of the gag, he will beg as the slut she’d trained him to be. He will beg shamelessly and unabatedly. He strained contrary to the bonds which held his naked body spread eagle over the bed while Maitresse Camille stroked the cock of his and also created increasingly pre cum ooze from the point.

While flooring the edge of the foundation, she leaned over and also took the cock of his into her hot soft lips. With the mouth of her around the point, she squeezed the shaft and extracted the pre cum she can from him. She liked the flavor almost almost as she enjoyed just how he squirmed in response to her dental talents. She knew she could whip him climax in a quick and therefore treat herself to his terrific tasting cum. She resisted the urge. Letting his cock slip from the mouth of her, she licked the lips of her.

He recoiled when she touched the balls of his. They had been very vulnerable after she’d employed a natural leather strap to securely encircle the upper part of the scrotum of his and after that sort the toes of his therefore every one was visible beneath the surface area of your skin on the scrotum plus completely exposed for her enjoyment and use. He moaned when she squeezed the remaining 1 and provided him a gentle jolt of pain.

My balls require a few special interest, she matter-of-factly informed him. She squeezed the left ball once again to bolster the point that she had it.

He watched as she left to obtain whatever she had to provide the balls of her a few special interest. He enjoyed the way the black leather panties seemed to be molded to the luscious curves of her and just how long and smooth the black colored heels and dark thigh top hose made her amazing legs appear. His eyes widened as he watched the riding crop plus the electrical fly swatter. Shit.

Deliberately and slowly, she moved the flap of the riding crop over the balls of his. She let his anticipation build. Then abruptly and with no warming, she used a sharp swat to his best ball.

Eric voiced the response of his since the ache relocated from his ball to an area deep inside of him only behind the pubic bone of his. It hurt as hell. He really wanted to massage the ball of his and make it feel a minimum of a little better. He jerked when another ball was struck. Tears filled the eyes of his in the pain. He now needed to beg her to quit, but could not. His cock was becoming flaccid. He jerked as each ball was struck once again.

She waited for him to recover. Then having the flyswatter before the face of his, she let him listen to her trigger the switch. She watched the fear within his eyes. I do love using it a lot, she commented.

He recognized she was holding the button down and therefore increasing the intensity of the jolt of energy he will think. Damn.

The arc of electrical energy relocated from the flyswatter to his bound left ball with a clear snapping sound. He bit into the heel gag as an intensive jolt of electricity assaulted the jewels of his. Damn! Damn! He closed the eyes of his as he noticed her activated the switch again. He waited for the cock of his and ball torture to keep on. He did not have to wait a long time. He strained against the bonds of his as the arc of electrical power jumped from the flyswatter to the other ball of his. Ouch! Fuck me!

I do possess your balls and cock, do not I? Maitresse Camille questioned once again.

Eric nodded the agreement of his. He waited for the pain to diminish while she lightly massaged the balls of his. He moaned the endorsement of his as a means of thanking the Mistress of his just for the little quantity of help she was giving him.

Indeed, that feels so much more effective, she said.

His cock started to be erect again and also indicated the agreement of his with the assessment of her. He tensed as he noticed the flyswatter being activated.

While stroking his today rock tough cock, she checked out his clamped nipples. Then touching the flyswatter on the idea of the crushed nipple, she carried on the training of his. She smiled as he moaned over and recoiled on the shot of pain. By the time he’d settled down, she’d triggered the flyswatter once again and quickly provided the appropriate nipple an effective jolt of electricity. Equal treatment, she informed him as he share into the heel gag plus strained once again the natural leather cuffs which held him securely on the foundation.

Remember to no more, Mistress, he needed to voice. He wished the tears in the eyes of his would convey that message.

These tits are owned by me, too. She smiled as he nodded the agreement of his. Then going the fingertips of her over the sign of the ownership of her, his black leather collar, she added, And I have you, my special slut, almost all of you.

He did not hesitate to nod the total agreement of his. They’d simply celebrated the 2nd anniversary of theirs of his being her collared submissive. He jerked in response to the pain as she made certain his butt plug was still full placed into the ass of his.

I have all of the holes of yours. Plus all of the holes of yours and every one of you’ll be helping me and also my guests tonight. She gave him a wicked smile.

He investigated the green eyes of her with a glance which told her that will indeed willingly serve her and the visitors of her. He’d created the promise to the Mistress of his in his collaring ceremony to deliver her in any way she preferred and he will hold that promise.

Well, I believe I’ve shown I do wear you and all of the holes of yours, she mentioned.

Considering his training this evening with its blend of pain, absolute control and pleasure, he nodded his complete agreement. He moaned when she pressed the butt plug into him while stroking the cock of his.

I am going to control everything that you feel & experience.” She skillfully coaxed the cock of his into a raging hard-on. You’re very difficult and so needy,” she found with a feeling of satisfaction.

His moans and his body language again agreed with the assessment of her.

Deliberately, she stroked the cock of his and slowly brought him to the purpose of climaxing. Sensing the demand of his, she purchased, Cum for me. Cum, my slut. She enhanced the pace with which she was stroking his pulsating and rock hard cock.

The command of her, the butt plug as well as the fantastic touch of natural leather made it simple for him to follow. With curled toes, loud moans and pushing against the bonds of his, Eric spewed forth a huge amount of heavy, rich, hot and white cum. He sensed it landing on the abdomen of his as 7 powerful therefore gratifying ejaculations shook the entire body of his with an intensity of enjoyment that just the Mistress of his might provide.

She carried on to stroke the cock of his making him squirm with pleasure. Yes, your toes were intending to burst, she provided when she observed the abundance of his ejaculation. I do not wish to fritter away a drop, she stated before leaning forward and also lapping up his special gift to her.

Thank you, Mistress, he attempted to voice. He liked the attentions of her. He moaned and jumped when she eventually took the cock of his into the mouth of her and finished savoring the last drops of the cum of his. He carried on to moan until she was done. When she removed the gag of his, Thank you, he said, Mistress. Thank you.

You are going to thank me, the pet of mine, she advised him while taking out the natural leather strap from the toes of his.

Whatever you desire, Mistress. He patiently waited for her to release him from the bonds of his. When his legs have been freed, he flexed the knee then stretched them out.

The visitors of mine are going to be right here in 2 hours, she advised him while releasing his wrists. I’ll expect you being squeaky clean, effectively dressed and ready to deliver most of the needs of theirs at that moment.

He massaged his wrists. Yes, Mistress. He paused, sat up and swung the legs of his across the edge of the bed. Properly dressed, Mistress?

Yes. I’ve presented the items I would like you to wear tonight. You are going to find them in the room of yours. And I expect you paying careful attention to each detail in getting dressed the same as you have been have coached by me. I won’t tolerate some sloppiness on the part of yours. My guests should have the best and are going to get it.

He observed the warning in her voice. Yes, Mistress. I will not disappoint you, he said.

I’ve no doubt about which. Today, get going. You will require the 2 hours making yourself completely prepared to deliver me and also my guests. She watched as the dungeon was left by him. A smile came out on the experience of her as she deemed the success of her in training him being such a submissive slut. She knew that today’s session had taken him right into a really serious submissive mindset. “And as he finishes with the preparations of his, he will be a lot more submissive and completely ready to deliver me,” she commented to herself. Then seeing what time it was, she added, I’ve lots to do myself.”

BDSM Paysite Review: Hogtied

Hogtied is one of the classic bondage and SM websites outthere. It was there before most of us got an internet connection and probably will be long after we have become to old and feeble to type in the url. That in itself is a big bonus for a site like this, as the producers are obviously highly professiona and, the archives delivers vast amounts of BDSM contents – Read The Full Review

Kajira – BDSM Story

She knelt before him, awaiting his pleasure. Her nude body covered with a fine layer of scented oils so that she glowed in the candlelight; her head bowed in respect, her back arched to press her breasts out for greater display. She waited, and enjoyed knowing he was drinking her in with his eyes.

Her long dark hair was held back with a single leather strap tying it away from her face, her dark eyes emphasized with eyeliner until she had a stark, gothic look to her. This contrasted with the naturally angelic beauty she had, the innocence and serenity her face exuded.

Her breasts were adorned with shining jewels hanging from each nipple, carefully dangled in place with golden plated nipple clamps. Her shaved pussy lips were likewise adorned, the jewels hanging down between her legs and catching the candlelight, they seemed to shimmer.

As he walked towards her, his hard-soled boots clicking on the stone floor, he toyed with a whip in his hands. She could only see his feet and the tail of the whip switching back and forth, like a cat’s tail as it gets ready to pounce on prey. Her entire body was tingling with excitement and anticipation. She had no idea what he would do to her, and that made the wait delicious.

He paused before her, feet set shoulder-width apart, and gazed down at her. She felt so terribly small kneeling before him, so fragile in his presence. She trembled with excitement and fought hard to keep her breath measured and even.

She heard him breathe in deeply, smelling her, the oils aromatic, sensual, like spices from some far away market place, her own scent mixing with that and her arousal obvious in the air. She smelled like exotic sex and he was savoring her. He enjoyed every aspect of her, and for that she was so grateful to him, to be devoured by him, piece by piece, each morsel coveted and desired in turn.

Reaching his hand out, he allowed the harsh leather tail of the bullwhip to caress her back gently, toying it over her sensitive skin. It was like a long leather tongue licking her all over. She shivered, but held her stance for him.

The whip’s tongue slipped over her shoulder and licked across her breast. She bit her lip to keep from moaning. The rough leather tasted her, savoring her flesh. She was trying not to shake from the thrill. She was not doing a good job. Her body went through periodic spasms of excitement at its touch. At his touch.

The leather pulled away, and again she calmed. He had not moved an inch through all of this, his feet, like stone planted before her. Now his fingers touched her hair gently. He tasted how she felt, and she wanted so badly to just push into his light touch. He caressed her silken strands and then sighed. He loved the feel of her. He devoured another bite.

Music slowly lifted to the air and he tossed the remote to the couch, many feet away. The music was rhythmic drumbeats and cascading tunes. It was exotic and powerful and seemed to penetrate her. He stepped back a step and waited again for the music to sink into her soul and capture her.

She felt it in her soul, and he always somehow knew when it had finally gotten to her. She was Kajira, meant to dance for his pleasure. It was for this purpose she was made. She was pleasure . . . His pleasure.

He watched, and when the music was in her blood, coursing through her veins, he stepped back again and tapped one foot lightly. There was no need for anything grander. That was her beckoning to begin. She rose up gracefully, almost like she floated to her feet, and raised her eyes to him. He was smiling, she had pleased him. Her heart was about to explode in pride and that power swept through her, it was time to dance.

She let the music take her and her body swayed and then turned. Muscles strained and pulled and she seemed to flow from one stance to the next. As she danced he waited and measured. At the perfect moment, his whip swung back and then flicked out like a viper’s tongue, lancing her ass with pain. The pain becoming part of the dance, she swirled and leapt in the air in joy.

She landed gracefully, and her body moved on, never stopping, always in perfect fluid motion. The whip snaked out and cracked again near her feet, making her leap high over it, then above her head and she collapsed and writhed on the floor. The whip and she rose and fell and danced, perfect partners, both so fluid that they held no form for long.

The whip licked her other ass cheek, and her cry of pain melded with the music and became a greater chorus. She spun and faced him for a split second and then dropped and leaned back as the whip cracked an inch above her belly. The two moved with such unison that they were in fact one.

She was on one foot; her body twisted and paused in mid air when the whip cracked between her legs. She could feel its power course through her pussy, her sexuality released and aroused, it joined the dance.

As she moved, one hand found her slit and she bent, displaying herself, spread open for him. She knew that he would see how aroused she was by him. She displayed sex for his pleasure, so that he would know she was always ready to please him. Then she spun and moved to the next pose. Her body tensing and relaxing as she did.

She was, by sheer force of the dance, close to orgasm. The power of being his, of the dance, of the seduction of the whip, brought her to the edge of cumming but she held back. That energy added to the dance and made her more passionate. She danced on and the whip licked across her back, the searing pain making her flesh burn for him.

She danced and danced and the whip licked her all over. Legs, ass, breasts, back, all felt it’s kiss as she danced. She was pure fire now dancing for him. She was in fact pure sex. As she was meant to be for him.

Then the whip shot past her and cracked, the long leather tongue snapping back and grabbing her arm. The force of his muscles pulled her in a spin that ended with her kneeling before him. With a flick of his wrist he looped the tongue around her other hand. She was bound by his whip before him. She looked up, trembling, almost unable to contain her sexuality any more.

He dropped quickly in front of her, crouching like a tiger over her. He slid the handle of the whip back between her legs, grabbed it, and pulled the tongue up her ass crack and across her clit. She cried out in pleasure.

Grabbing her hair, he worked the tongue back and forth across her pussy, the rough leather licking her raw and forcing her bound hands into the act, pulling them down between her legs.

He pulled her hair hard and she arched her back in response, her ass cheeks clenching slightly and increasing the friction. He rubbed her with his leather tongue, her own fingers playing with her dripping wet clit. She cried out . . . begged. . . . pleaded . . . Finally he gave her what she needed.

“Cum.” Was all he said.

Her body convulsed and shook uncontrollably. She felt the fire of pain and passion exploding from her, the leather tongue not allowing her to simply collapse; it kept licking her and licking her until she was screaming out incoherently. She screamed and opened her eyes again, saw his smiling face and then collapsed on the cold stone floor. He released her hair an allowed her to slump into a pile.

With a gentle flip of his wrist he pulled the whip free of her pussy and ass, then another and her one hand was free. He leaned down and kissed her and freed the other hand. Caressing her for long minutes until she knew where she was again, he smiled at her. Giving her a last kiss, he stood and walked away again. His boots clicking on the stone.

She lay there and shook and trembled. She was fulfilled. She was his pleasure. She had danced for him, and in so doing, fulfilled all she was meant to be. She was Kajira. She was made for his pleasure. In this, was she complete.

Glamour Girl Tied Up

Glamour Girls Tied Up! It’s difficult to mention glamour bondage without thinking of Madison Young, and her last visit to lead us right there: to the heart of classic glamour.

Madison Young is the perfect damsel in this hot set of subversive beauty – Enjoy! Tight Bondage is achieved in more than one way. Using a person’s own body weight in a scene is one the most efficient paths to bondage bliss around, and Madison Young can attest to the powers of suspension.

Madison Young is tied into a tight karada and suspended sideways. Free Your Mind. Bondage and freedom make up a pair of opposites that weave a thread throughout our entire existence. And when they collide the resultant implosion brings us one step closer to the divine.

Thank goodness for our lovely conduit, Madison Young. She is tied up and pushed over the edge of fear into a pit of sensual ecstasy that one she can understand. We just get to experience it through her eyes.

Madison Young showed up in a little black dress that inspired this set of rope bondage and pressed us into an entire afternoon’s service to the camera and to our libidos. Trinity is tightly bound, suspended, exposed, and twisted up to please both the camera and ourselves.

Nikohls Amateur Bondage

Training Nikohl is a set that documents some of Kasari’s first bondage experiences at the hands of

Nikohl is interviewed then bound into tight Japanese Rope Bondage,blindfolded, pinned and exposed for the camera, smiling and enjoying herself all the way.

Beauty may be only skin deep, but the lovely Nikohl is as ravishing as ever even when her comely features are distorted in sublime, kinky artistry.

The hemp rope, the nose hook, and the ball gag all add to Nikoles difficult position in this set of tight bondage.

Repent Sinner and beg for this release the french call ‘the little death’.

Nikohl is bound into a reverse prayer which is connected to a rope gag and rope blindfold, effectively taking away not only her mobility but her vision and speech. She is then rewarded with a hard orgasm at the end of a Hitachi vibrator.

Sashas Artful Bondage

Nothing Like the First Time. Sasha walked into my little apartment and said that this was her first bondage shoot. Well ok little lady, you are in good hands, and I promise to make you squirm.

Sasha is bound tight and revealed in this classic set of rope works. One of Sasha is hot enough but having this girl from both ends is just too much. Sasha is bound in tight Japanese Rope Bondage and shows off the hot body for the camera in this crafty bondage session.

Fine Art is in the eye of the beholder. There is no jury, no government regulations, no community standards that can reach our psyche like a piece of art can. Perhaps this is why so many have tried so hard for so long to regulate our individual psychic, indeed, physical ecstasy. It’s all about power.

And Sasha has it in spades. This lady brings us our own personal aesthetic ecstasy on many levels, and we invite to experience it for yourself.

Madison Young in Bondage

The Girl Next Door is captured in this photo story of distress and bondage featuring the lovely Madison Young.

Madison enters her apartment one late night, but she is not as alone as she thinks. Watching and waiting from the dark corners lies everything she fears and ultimately desires.

Sweet Distress. Naked and bound, Madison is strung up and twisted in the second half of our story. Japanese Rope Bondage plays it’s part, leaving our heroine bound, vulnerable, and just a little out of sorts.

Repent Sinners, our hour is at hand. Fetish hottie Madison Young is a bad bad girl, but what really counts is where we place the camera.

This tight reverse prayer tests Madisons flexibility while she is wrapped up head to toe in hemp rope.

Bondage Ropes Explained

Cordage: rope, twine, or thread has always been an essential part of man’s tool kit These have been made of both animal and plant fibers, and now, synthetic fibers and wire are used as well. Examples of animal fiber cordage would include sinew for sewing, the Mexican braided rawhide reata, and the twisted horsehair hackamore. Probably every long-fiber plant known to man has been used at some time or other in history to make cordage. To judge the significance of rope, it should be noted that the maritime economies of Europe would never have come into existence without it and the New World would, in all likelihood, would never have been discovered and settled by Europeans. Without rope, the pyramids might never have been built, mountains may never have been climbed and there would be no shibari.

Different Ropes for Different Folks

Here, I will discuss the various types and and give my opinions of them. Owing to human diversity, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or my reasoning. Hey, what makes the world go round anyway?

Rope for shibari can be classed as either natural fiber or synthetic fiber and is further divided as being made by twisting or by braiding. Braided rope is made by braiding fine yarns of fibers over a core. The core can be of the same material as the shell or can be completely different, for example, nylon is often braided over a cotton core. Twisted rope is made by spinning fibers into yarn, usually with a right-hand twist. Multiple yarns, usually three, are then twisted or set into strands using a left hand twist. Multiple strands, usually three again, are then twisted or laid into rope using a right hand twist again. The twists in opposing directions create torque which is what holds the rope together. To determine the handedness of the twist, hold the rope in a line away from your body. If the twists or spirals of the rope recede to the right, you are looking at a right-hand or Z twist, if they recede to the left, you are looking at a left-hand or S twist. The latter is less common, by far, than the former and to my eye, simply looks “wrong.” Twisted rope is preferable for shibari in a couple of ways: most knots are designed so that the natural friction of the twists working against each other helps in their setting and stability. Twisted rope also leaves beautiful ligature marks on a subbie’s skin after the bindings have been removed–a lovely reminder of a happy time.

Synthetic Fibers 

I don’t like them! let’s get that out of the way first. I don’t like them for shibari, at least. The main synthetic fibers would be polypropylene, that nasty hard stuff that floats and is used for things like water-ski tow ropes: nylon; rayon; and the weird compounds used for climbing rope. Synthetic ropes have, as a class, certain advantages as well as disadvantages. On the positive side, they are very stable. They tend to be waterproof and will wash well. On the negative side, the can produce significant rope-burn very easily when moved quickly over the skin.

Poly, usually made by twisting, is out because it feels nasty and doesn’t knot well.

Climbing rope, always braided, is out for me because it’s so expensive and doesn’t come in small enough diameters. True, it comes in wild color combinations, but I don’t find them esthetic for bondage.

Rayon can be twisted or braided and is usually used for sailing as halyards and sheets. It is very stable, has a nice texture and is very expensive.

Nylon can be twisted or braided and is very stretchy. The most commonly available types, what you would find packaged in the hardware store, are not nearly as strong as one might expect. Nylon is very slippery and doesn’t always hold knots well. In humid weather, it seems to have a moist feel to it, making it rather distasteful to me. Braided line uses a core which is not always of the same material as the surface braid. When the materials are incomparable, washing or exposure to water or humidity can and will substantially alter the characteristics of the rope.

The breaking strain of top quality nylon twist can be defined as 5D²/300 tonnes where D=diameter in millimeters and the safe working load would be defined as S/6 where S=breaking strain. Top quality nylon braid would be S=6D²/300 tonnes. It is important to note that these formulae are for top quality nylon line. I like the Lehigh company, but their packaged nylon line doesn’t live up to these standards.

A word here on breaking strain: just how important is it? I really don’t know since I’ve never broken a rope in shibari. However, one should be aware that a struggling suspended subbie could exert a momentary dynamic load on her ropes equal to up to ten times her weight. Obviously, it would be foolish to try to suspend someone weighing 135 lb. using string with a breaking strain of 20 lb., so, if you know the numbers, never use a line with a safe working load less than the weight of your subbie.

Natural Fibers 

I prefer natural fibers, well, some natural fibers. Some of them are truly nasty and are totally inappropriate for bondage. Stability varies greatly between the fibers and, of those suitable for bondage, their resistance to moisture is such that I regard them as un-washable

A word here on washability: I don’t advocate washing rope and feel that caution and personal hygiene are the answers to the problem. According to Jay Wiseman (Jay Wiseman’s Erotic Bondage Handbook, Greenery Press, Emeryville, CA; 2000, p 116) there are no known cases of anything being transmitted to anyone through rope. True, I don’t do a lot of casual play any more and, even in light of the “harshness” of the rope I use, I’ve never had an instance where I’ve caused skin to break even slightly, so for me, it’s never really been an issue.


Manila is made from the leaf stems of the abaca plant, a member of the banana family. The fibers vary in length from 4 to 15 feet.and are classified as hard. This is very stable and strong rope. S=2D²/300 tonnes for new, top quality rope. Typically, manilla is treated with petrochemicals to inhibit mildew and has a smell like diesel fuel. This rope is totally unsuitable for bondage, the chief disadvantage is the possibility of infection from fiber splinters that break off and become embedded in the skin.


Sisal is made from either of two fibers from tropical plants, cesarean and henequen. These fibers are shorter than manila but have the same drawbacks and are classified as hard. If the breaking strain of Manila is given as 100, sisalana=80 and henequen=65. Again, unsuitable for bondage.


Mentioned for curiosity value, coir is made from the fiber of coconut husks, is very light and floats. The rope is very rough and stretchy with a breaking strain of about 25% of manila.


In Japan, cotton is used for static bondage (no suspension). It comes as twist or braid and is often died red, or, occasionally, other colors. Cotton has a very low strength index and is best used for decorative work. I’ve seen some lovely twist in hardware and tack stores but it’s usually too large for bondage.

The Real Shibari Nitty-gritty

   This is the rope I make and use myself. From left to right: jute, raw hemp from Hungary, and sized hemp from Hungary. The sizing in the leftmost rope probably has a casein content as the twine I made it from smelled just like Elmer’s glue when I got it. The Preferred diameter is 6 to 8 mm or 1/4″.


Hemp is a soft fiber that grows in many parts of the world, It is very absorbent and was usually tarred for use as standing rigging in old, square-rigged ships. The strength index of hemp is 100, identical with that of manila. This is a common rope for shibari in Japan. There is little or no danger of fibers breaking off in the skin and the feel is not uncomfortable at all. Hemp will stand up to repeated wettings but it shrinks at least 10% when wet and may not expand fully unless stretched. David El, in San Francisco, finishes his hemp rope with mink oil. I use mine raw and am happy with it that way. One day, perhaps, I will try out various finishing techniques on the ropes I make.


Another soft fiber, this is my favorite rope. It is nowhere near as abrasive or uncomfortable as it looks. The fiber is from the east Indian linden plant and has a pleasant licorice smell. It is processed with small amounts of creosote which some people may find unpleasant or irritating though, in my experience irritation is exceedingly rare. I know some subbies who, after being tied a few times who can go into headspace just smelling the rope. Jute is definitely not water-friendly since wetting expands the fibers and weakens the line. I have no idea what the strength index is though it is the most commonly (as I have recently been told) used rope for bondage and suspension in Japan. The trick is to inspect the rope and make sure it’s not fraying and to replace it before that starts to happen. Old rope can be used for static bondage, of course, where strength is not critical. Knots set well in jute but remain easy to untie. I use this rope raw, with no additional finishing but James in Seattle has been doing some experiments finishing jute with paraffin. He tells me my rope creaks when he uses it.

Cravings Of A Bondage Babe

She´s a real hot babe with a kinky streak. But she does have a tendency to go overspending on sex toys too and today she goes to our money lender not knowing what’s in store for her. She’s soon bent over a table and spanked… and groped and spanked again. She’s made to do humiliating exercises and gets whipped when she screws up. She’s whipped and spanked on her hands and knees… nipple clamps and clothespins add to her torment. And she’s spanked and whipped some more.

If you want follow more Bondage VR stories in ultra high quality we recommend the Czech bondage babes.

The lovely bondage babe is led down to the filthy basement for humiliation and torment. Her beautiful natural tits are repeatedly fondled and abused, and she gets tied with a crotch rope to the ceiling. Cold water is poured on her and her body is rubbed with mud, totally humiliating her. Then she gets tied in different postitions and repeatedly fondled, clothespinned. And she gets whipped over and over… and beaten with a riding crop.

Is the loan paid back yet master? If so I would love to borrow some more…and repay immediately, she hummed from somewhere between extreme arousal and subspace.

The master wasn´t having it with her domming from the bottom. The poor lovely bondage blonde had yet again been a bad girl and disobeyed the most basic rules of their master/slave relationship… and the punishment is severe. She gets fondled, clothespinned all over, spanked, whipped, and beaten with a riding crop. And painfully clothespinned again on her pussy… with weights. And she suffers through some of the nastiest things she has ever endured while enjoying every second of it. After being cleaned up with a shower she is first she’s made to strip and play with herself outside in a parking lot at night. Then the poor girl is hogtied on a bed, groped, fondled, clamped, fucked hard with a screwdriver, and ruthlessly whipped.

Slave Chloe Davis Tit Tortured

At six foot 2 inches tall, naturally dominant Amazon, Chloe Davis, isn’t the everyday ShadowSlave. incoming in four in. heels, she towers over Magick, who decides she has to be hamper to size. attachment her ample breasts tight to the ceiling, he begins with a whipping, before assaultive her tight flesh with vicious clamps, hanging serious weights from her cunt. Removing her heels will increase the pressure on her tits, that suffer the bite of his crop.

Made to kneel, she is brought all the way down to his level, and her face is his new target, with clamps biting into her nose, ears and lips, as weights stretch her nipples. Chains and strings tear at her clamped breasts and cunt, as he whips her most intimate areas, deed her panting in pain.

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Pushed to the ground, she is burned with searing hot candle-wax and sparklers, before being gagged and used as a punch-bag. Defeated, Magick subjects her to a series of Earth-shattering orgasms, till she collapses, exhausted, however her ordeal isn’t over however. labelled because the cunt she is, serious metal stretching cages are hooked up to her already sore nipples, and pulled to the ceiling, deed her drooling and tearful, as additional orgasms tear through her body. control in situ with the severe teat stretchers, she is hooded, and left, kneel and alone, to contemplate her new life as a ShadowSlave