Nikohls Amateur Bondage

Training Nikohl is a set that documents some of Kasari’s first bondage experiences at the hands of

Nikohl is interviewed then bound into tight Japanese Rope Bondage,blindfolded, pinned and exposed for the camera, smiling and enjoying herself all the way.

Beauty may be only skin deep, but the lovely Nikohl is as ravishing as ever even when her comely features are distorted in sublime, kinky artistry.

The hemp rope, the nose hook, and the ball gag all add to Nikoles difficult position in this set of tight bondage.

Repent Sinner and beg for this release the french call ‘the little death’.

Nikohl is bound into a reverse prayer which is connected to a rope gag and rope blindfold, effectively taking away not only her mobility but her vision and speech. She is then rewarded with a hard orgasm at the end of a Hitachi vibrator.

Sashas Artful Bondage

Nothing Like the First Time. Sasha walked into my little apartment and said that this was her first bondage shoot. Well ok little lady, you are in good hands, and I promise to make you squirm.

Sasha is bound tight and revealed in this classic set of rope works. One of Sasha is hot enough but having this girl from both ends is just too much. Sasha is bound in tight Japanese Rope Bondage and shows off the hot body for the camera in this crafty bondage session.

Fine Art is in the eye of the beholder. There is no jury, no government regulations, no community standards that can reach our psyche like a piece of art can. Perhaps this is why so many have tried so hard for so long to regulate our individual psychic, indeed, physical ecstasy. It’s all about power.

And Sasha has it in spades. This lady brings us our own personal aesthetic ecstasy on many levels, and we invite to experience it for yourself.