Nose Hook Humiliation

Nose Hook Humiliation

Extreme Humiliation and Facial Pain at The Pain Files

Blonde sub Cherry is tied on a table for punishment and degradation. The busty british painslut has derogatory words written on her forehead, her lips clamped with pegs and mousetraps and her nose painfully pulled by a nosehook. Delicious Cherry struggles through the pain and humiliation of her whipping.

Extreme Humiliation and Facial Pain
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The nose hook pulls her face backwards as Cherry lets the tears stream down her face from the pain of the facial clamps, the merciless bondage and the humiliation of her restrained and degraded position. Cherry loves the struggle, the pain and the humiliation of being entirely exposed and at the mercy of her vicious tormenter.

Extreme Humiliation and Facial Pain

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The Piggie – New Humiliation Movie

British Emma Louise tormented at The Pain Files

British humiliation loving fetishmodel Emma Louise and her master. Emma Louise and her master are getting downright dirty in the old barn. She is dressed up as a piggie, smeared in filth and loving it ! Emmas master completes her humiliation scene by giving her piggie ears, a nosehook and writing on her once so delicious body.

Extreme Humiliation and Pain
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The messy humiliation of slavegirl Emma Louise is taken to the extreme in the old barn, when the degraded submissive is litterally taken through the dirt, nose hooked, whipped and tormented to tears. Emma Louise cries and begs, but there is no mercy for the piggy slavegirl. The tears on the face of Emma Louise, the piggie, only inspires her evil master to intensify the punishment and humiliation of the poor submissive.

Extreme Humiliation and Pain

From the full length The Pain Files release The Piggie. Available for download in full high resolution at The Pain Files

Extreme Humiliation and Pain

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BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 4

   Once it did, she moaned and let herself sink onto it, resolving not to pull the hurting monster back out, but to let it claim her all the way.  There was still about four inches of black cock protruding from her obscenely stretched asshole when she stopped sinking.  She paused to catch her breath before lifting herself a full ten inches off the floor, the head of his cock still in her, then lifting her feet, her hands pressed on his chest, as she let her hot asshole slowly slide back down the hot, greasy shaft.  At the end of her slide this time, there was only three inches of black cock remaining outside of her, and she reached between her legs to feel the immense girth that impaled her.  She felt that fleeting itch, that elusive, anal-orgasm itch somewhere deep inside her.  She spread her ass cheeks and rocked back and forth, and another two inches of meat disappeared into her ass.  She felt his stomach and balls only an inch from the cheeks of her ass, and she felt an orgasm overwhelm her. Her cunt squirted and her asshole spasmed and she felt herself sink that final inch, impaled on twelve inches of massive black cock.

   He was nowhere near to orgasm however, and when she recovered, he made her start over, sliding her body up and down the shaft, her asshole grasping his rod.  Her Master came over and had her suck him off while she was impaled, and as his cum shot into her mouth she had her second anal orgasm, even more intense than the first.  She had been impaled for almost an hour now, and her ass was very sore.  He made her sit there, motionless, and as she did she felt the fullness, and the soreness and pain, and in spite of herself she came again, sobbing, her body betraying her as it convulsed.  Her Master finally said she had had enough, so the huge man rolled her onto her back, his cock still fully up her ass, and fucked her, pulling his twelve inches out of her and thrusting it back in until he finally came, fully imbedded to the hilt in her ass. 

  After he pulled out, she spent some long minutes cleaning his cock and balls while both men stroked her and told her what a good little anal slut she was.  The black man told her that he had some friends that would like to come over the next day. She shot a quick glance at her Master, the greasy black cock still between her lips, and when he said that would be fine, she just sighed and went back to work.


                                                     End…  Anal Slut

BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 3

   “I am an anal slut. My ass is available for use by male cock, and I will spread my asscheeks for any male wishing to use me. Thank you, Sir, for using this slut.”  

   She then had to tell the man to spread the word to his friends if he thought that she was a good ass-fuck, and to have them call her Master if they wished to use her.

   When the man left, her Master printed the words out on a piece of paper for her to memorize, and he tested her hourly during the evening to make sure she had them right.

   The next day it was another stranger that showed up at the house. This time though, she was made to slowly strip in the living room, then get into her slave position on the floor while she recited her anal slut script.  Then the man watched as her Master made her take the belt from his pant loops and present it to him so that she may be whipped with it, and whipped she was.  Then she sucked the stranger to full erection, and greased up his cock with her own hands, then presented her ass to him , hands and knees on the floor.  He fucked her long and hard, and her Master again manipulated her clit, allowing her to cum with the man’s cock in her ass.

   Later that afternoon, another man watched as she stood naked in the living room, hands atop her head, while her Master strapped her, front and back. The man laid down on the floor on his back, and her Master had her squat over the man’s cock and take it into her ass, slowly impaling herself. As she ass-fucked herself on the stranger’s cock, her Master took his leather strap and whipped the front of her body; her stomach and the fronts of her thighs, and then directly across her tits. She screamed out in fiery lust, and as the man came inside her bowels, her Master cruelly pinched her nipples, stuck his cock in her mouth, and he came, too.

   Her Master told her that his goal in her training was for her to be able to orgasm just from a cock in her ass with no other stimulation. No touching of the clitoris, no whipping, no pinching of her nipples.  Just the friction of the cock in her anal canal, and the thoughts of what she was doing. She tried. She would get so close, yet the feeling was so fleeting, and then it would be gone. She had practiced on over two dozen cocks now, and could not quite get herself to cum with just a cock in her ass, and she knew her Master was a little disappointed in her.  Then one day a new man showed up. A big, bald, black man. He had the biggest muscles she had ever seen, and when she saw the huge cock on the man she almost fainted as she straddled him.  It took a full five minutes of lowering and raising her body on and off the huge black pole before she could let herself down onto it far enough to let the big black head gain an entrance into her greased ass. 

Kajira – BDSM Story

She knelt before him, awaiting his pleasure. Her nude body covered with a fine layer of scented oils so that she glowed in the candlelight; her head bowed in respect, her back arched to press her breasts out for greater display. She waited, and enjoyed knowing he was drinking her in with his eyes.

Her long dark hair was held back with a single leather strap tying it away from her face, her dark eyes emphasized with eyeliner until she had a stark, gothic look to her. This contrasted with the naturally angelic beauty she had, the innocence and serenity her face exuded.

Her breasts were adorned with shining jewels hanging from each nipple, carefully dangled in place with golden plated nipple clamps. Her shaved pussy lips were likewise adorned, the jewels hanging down between her legs and catching the candlelight, they seemed to shimmer.

As he walked towards her, his hard-soled boots clicking on the stone floor, he toyed with a whip in his hands. She could only see his feet and the tail of the whip switching back and forth, like a cat’s tail as it gets ready to pounce on prey. Her entire body was tingling with excitement and anticipation. She had no idea what he would do to her, and that made the wait delicious.

He paused before her, feet set shoulder-width apart, and gazed down at her. She felt so terribly small kneeling before him, so fragile in his presence. She trembled with excitement and fought hard to keep her breath measured and even.

She heard him breathe in deeply, smelling her, the oils aromatic, sensual, like spices from some far away market place, her own scent mixing with that and her arousal obvious in the air. She smelled like exotic sex and he was savoring her. He enjoyed every aspect of her, and for that she was so grateful to him, to be devoured by him, piece by piece, each morsel coveted and desired in turn.

Reaching his hand out, he allowed the harsh leather tail of the bullwhip to caress her back gently, toying it over her sensitive skin. It was like a long leather tongue licking her all over. She shivered, but held her stance for him.

The whip’s tongue slipped over her shoulder and licked across her breast. She bit her lip to keep from moaning. The rough leather tasted her, savoring her flesh. She was trying not to shake from the thrill. She was not doing a good job. Her body went through periodic spasms of excitement at its touch. At his touch.

The leather pulled away, and again she calmed. He had not moved an inch through all of this, his feet, like stone planted before her. Now his fingers touched her hair gently. He tasted how she felt, and she wanted so badly to just push into his light touch. He caressed her silken strands and then sighed. He loved the feel of her. He devoured another bite.

Music slowly lifted to the air and he tossed the remote to the couch, many feet away. The music was rhythmic drumbeats and cascading tunes. It was exotic and powerful and seemed to penetrate her. He stepped back a step and waited again for the music to sink into her soul and capture her.

She felt it in her soul, and he always somehow knew when it had finally gotten to her. She was Kajira, meant to dance for his pleasure. It was for this purpose she was made. She was pleasure . . . His pleasure.

He watched, and when the music was in her blood, coursing through her veins, he stepped back again and tapped one foot lightly. There was no need for anything grander. That was her beckoning to begin. She rose up gracefully, almost like she floated to her feet, and raised her eyes to him. He was smiling, she had pleased him. Her heart was about to explode in pride and that power swept through her, it was time to dance.

She let the music take her and her body swayed and then turned. Muscles strained and pulled and she seemed to flow from one stance to the next. As she danced he waited and measured. At the perfect moment, his whip swung back and then flicked out like a viper’s tongue, lancing her ass with pain. The pain becoming part of the dance, she swirled and leapt in the air in joy.

She landed gracefully, and her body moved on, never stopping, always in perfect fluid motion. The whip snaked out and cracked again near her feet, making her leap high over it, then above her head and she collapsed and writhed on the floor. The whip and she rose and fell and danced, perfect partners, both so fluid that they held no form for long.

The whip licked her other ass cheek, and her cry of pain melded with the music and became a greater chorus. She spun and faced him for a split second and then dropped and leaned back as the whip cracked an inch above her belly. The two moved with such unison that they were in fact one.

She was on one foot; her body twisted and paused in mid air when the whip cracked between her legs. She could feel its power course through her pussy, her sexuality released and aroused, it joined the dance.

As she moved, one hand found her slit and she bent, displaying herself, spread open for him. She knew that he would see how aroused she was by him. She displayed sex for his pleasure, so that he would know she was always ready to please him. Then she spun and moved to the next pose. Her body tensing and relaxing as she did.

She was, by sheer force of the dance, close to orgasm. The power of being his, of the dance, of the seduction of the whip, brought her to the edge of cumming but she held back. That energy added to the dance and made her more passionate. She danced on and the whip licked across her back, the searing pain making her flesh burn for him.

She danced and danced and the whip licked her all over. Legs, ass, breasts, back, all felt it’s kiss as she danced. She was pure fire now dancing for him. She was in fact pure sex. As she was meant to be for him.

Then the whip shot past her and cracked, the long leather tongue snapping back and grabbing her arm. The force of his muscles pulled her in a spin that ended with her kneeling before him. With a flick of his wrist he looped the tongue around her other hand. She was bound by his whip before him. She looked up, trembling, almost unable to contain her sexuality any more.

He dropped quickly in front of her, crouching like a tiger over her. He slid the handle of the whip back between her legs, grabbed it, and pulled the tongue up her ass crack and across her clit. She cried out in pleasure.

Grabbing her hair, he worked the tongue back and forth across her pussy, the rough leather licking her raw and forcing her bound hands into the act, pulling them down between her legs.

He pulled her hair hard and she arched her back in response, her ass cheeks clenching slightly and increasing the friction. He rubbed her with his leather tongue, her own fingers playing with her dripping wet clit. She cried out . . . begged. . . . pleaded . . . Finally he gave her what she needed.

“Cum.” Was all he said.

Her body convulsed and shook uncontrollably. She felt the fire of pain and passion exploding from her, the leather tongue not allowing her to simply collapse; it kept licking her and licking her until she was screaming out incoherently. She screamed and opened her eyes again, saw his smiling face and then collapsed on the cold stone floor. He released her hair an allowed her to slump into a pile.

With a gentle flip of his wrist he pulled the whip free of her pussy and ass, then another and her one hand was free. He leaned down and kissed her and freed the other hand. Caressing her for long minutes until she knew where she was again, he smiled at her. Giving her a last kiss, he stood and walked away again. His boots clicking on the stone.

She lay there and shook and trembled. She was fulfilled. She was his pleasure. She had danced for him, and in so doing, fulfilled all she was meant to be. She was Kajira. She was made for his pleasure. In this, was she complete.