A Nose For Love – Part 2


Kat’s scalp was burning, there were tears of pain in her eyes. Her left hand grabbed an even larger handful of brown hair as she freed her right hand. She pulled Linda towards her by her hair as she punched her face with her right fist. She felt bone strike bone and it felt good. A jolt of red pain soon wiped away the pleasure. Linda’s fist caught her just beneath her left eye. The girls pulled each other’s heads down with their left hands and began beating on each other’s skulls with their right fists while they cursed each other.


Kat took a step back to lighten the onslaught causing Linda to stagger forward. The redhead pulled her enemy closer and they crashed to the ground kicking and screaming as they rolled across the grass. Battling furiously, frantically clutching and punching each other, they tore at each other’s school uniforms. Kat couldn’t stay on top of the thrashing brunette but, despite Linda’s strength, Kat’s squirming body continued to thwart Linda’s attempts to straddle her. Her nose was full of the smell of Linda’s perfume and sweat as their young bodies pressed together, fighting for domination. Their skirts were twisted and torn displaying their white cotton panties and firm, strong legs.




The intensity of their struggle was taking a toll on both young bodies. Their breathing was harsh and gasping as they settled side by side, their legs wrapped around each other. They rested forehead to forehead. Kat admired the bruises and cuts on her opponent’s face. Linda’s right eye was swollen and was going to be black, for sure, tomorrow. Kat realized that she was having trouble looking out of her left eye. She knew all that thrashing around, half-naked, had given Brad a hell of a show. She didn’t care about any of that. She was determined to beat this bitch and win Brad for herself..


Kat could feel Linda’s panties pressing up against her own, groin against groin. The brunette trying to roll over on top of her. Side by side, they were now locked together in a battle of strength. They pressed crotches tightly together as each tried to roll the other one over. Panting with exhaustion, each knew a pin would probably be unbreakable. Whoever ended up dominant in this battle would be able to have her way with the prone victim.