BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 4

   Once it did, she moaned and let herself sink onto it, resolving not to pull the hurting monster back out, but to let it claim her all the way.  There was still about four inches of black cock protruding from her obscenely stretched asshole when she stopped sinking.  She paused to catch her breath before lifting herself a full ten inches off the floor, the head of his cock still in her, then lifting her feet, her hands pressed on his chest, as she let her hot asshole slowly slide back down the hot, greasy shaft.  At the end of her slide this time, there was only three inches of black cock remaining outside of her, and she reached between her legs to feel the immense girth that impaled her.  She felt that fleeting itch, that elusive, anal-orgasm itch somewhere deep inside her.  She spread her ass cheeks and rocked back and forth, and another two inches of meat disappeared into her ass.  She felt his stomach and balls only an inch from the cheeks of her ass, and she felt an orgasm overwhelm her. Her cunt squirted and her asshole spasmed and she felt herself sink that final inch, impaled on twelve inches of massive black cock.

   He was nowhere near to orgasm however, and when she recovered, he made her start over, sliding her body up and down the shaft, her asshole grasping his rod.  Her Master came over and had her suck him off while she was impaled, and as his cum shot into her mouth she had her second anal orgasm, even more intense than the first.  She had been impaled for almost an hour now, and her ass was very sore.  He made her sit there, motionless, and as she did she felt the fullness, and the soreness and pain, and in spite of herself she came again, sobbing, her body betraying her as it convulsed.  Her Master finally said she had had enough, so the huge man rolled her onto her back, his cock still fully up her ass, and fucked her, pulling his twelve inches out of her and thrusting it back in until he finally came, fully imbedded to the hilt in her ass. 

  After he pulled out, she spent some long minutes cleaning his cock and balls while both men stroked her and told her what a good little anal slut she was.  The black man told her that he had some friends that would like to come over the next day. She shot a quick glance at her Master, the greasy black cock still between her lips, and when he said that would be fine, she just sighed and went back to work.


                                                     End…  Anal Slut

Needle Pain and Tears

English slavegirl Nimue tormented at The Pain Files


Lifestyle BDSM lover Nimue in a challenging needle pain session. She passes the test excellently by withstanding pussy whipping and needles through her nipples and pussy.

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Extreme bdsm and needle pain torments to tears of kinky brunette english masochist Nimue. To see the exclusive full length video of Nimues needle pain:

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Extreme BDSM and Pain
Real Slavegirls – Real Pain – Real Tears
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BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 3

   “I am an anal slut. My ass is available for use by male cock, and I will spread my asscheeks for any male wishing to use me. Thank you, Sir, for using this slut.”  

   She then had to tell the man to spread the word to his friends if he thought that she was a good ass-fuck, and to have them call her Master if they wished to use her.

   When the man left, her Master printed the words out on a piece of paper for her to memorize, and he tested her hourly during the evening to make sure she had them right.

   The next day it was another stranger that showed up at the house. This time though, she was made to slowly strip in the living room, then get into her slave position on the floor while she recited her anal slut script.  Then the man watched as her Master made her take the belt from his pant loops and present it to him so that she may be whipped with it, and whipped she was.  Then she sucked the stranger to full erection, and greased up his cock with her own hands, then presented her ass to him , hands and knees on the floor.  He fucked her long and hard, and her Master again manipulated her clit, allowing her to cum with the man’s cock in her ass.

   Later that afternoon, another man watched as she stood naked in the living room, hands atop her head, while her Master strapped her, front and back. The man laid down on the floor on his back, and her Master had her squat over the man’s cock and take it into her ass, slowly impaling herself. As she ass-fucked herself on the stranger’s cock, her Master took his leather strap and whipped the front of her body; her stomach and the fronts of her thighs, and then directly across her tits. She screamed out in fiery lust, and as the man came inside her bowels, her Master cruelly pinched her nipples, stuck his cock in her mouth, and he came, too.

   Her Master told her that his goal in her training was for her to be able to orgasm just from a cock in her ass with no other stimulation. No touching of the clitoris, no whipping, no pinching of her nipples.  Just the friction of the cock in her anal canal, and the thoughts of what she was doing. She tried. She would get so close, yet the feeling was so fleeting, and then it would be gone. She had practiced on over two dozen cocks now, and could not quite get herself to cum with just a cock in her ass, and she knew her Master was a little disappointed in her.  Then one day a new man showed up. A big, bald, black man. He had the biggest muscles she had ever seen, and when she saw the huge cock on the man she almost fainted as she straddled him.  It took a full five minutes of lowering and raising her body on and off the huge black pole before she could let herself down onto it far enough to let the big black head gain an entrance into her greased ass. 

A Nose For Love – Part 1

A Nose For Love



Neither Terry nor Kat ever forgot Kat’s battle with Linda during their junior year at St. Mary’s College for Girls. Linda had found out Kat was seeing her boyfriend Brad. After a bit of mutual screaming the girls decided to settle matters after school in a nearby secluded field with only one friend each as a witness. Kat was a little surprised to find that Linda and her friend Robin had got there before them. She was absolutely shocked to see Brad straddling his bicycle talking to Linda and Robin.


Linda heard them approach and turned around. She was a curly headed brunette, a little bit broader in the shoulder and with bigger tits than the slender but muscular redheaded Kat. Kat knew it was going to be a tough fight but this cow had no right to claim Brad.


“I didn’t think you were gonna show. We figured the Kat was chicken!”


Kat ignored Linda’s taunt and walked right up to Brad.


.Linda grabbed Kat’s arm roughly. “I told you to stay away from him!” she screeched.


Kat turned quickly and smashed her elbow into the brunette’s face. “Shut up!” she screamed.


Linda staggered back a few steps and rubbed her cheek.


“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that,” she hissed. “You’re gonna pay big time!”



They stood facing each other a moment. Hands on their plaid skirt clad hips, their breasts heaving against their starched white blouses. Brad backed off a little closer to the woods. Robin and Terry quickly joined him.


Linda and Kat began to slowly circle each other. Suddenly, as if on signal, they leaped forward and got two handed grasps on each other’s hair. They pulled each other back and forth, twisting their heads up and down, side to side as their feet shuffled in the grass.

To Be Continued….

BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 2

   She thought she would die, and her Master put his hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair, and telling her, ‘be still, pet.’  She was trembling as he took the crop from her mouth, stroking the backs of her thighs and her burning ass with the stiff leather.

   She heard the crop whip through the air a split second before she felt the welt rise, and it was all she could do to keep from screaming. A few encouraging words from her Master helped her hold position, and the next twenty three strokes were briskly applied, and at that point she could have cared less who else was in the room.

   Her knees were pulled up as far as they would go towards her head, and she was frantically trying to rub her burning, welted ass on the cool covers beneath her. She felt the bed sag behind her and realized that a man was kneeling behind her. She felt a hard cock bounce off her ass, and heard the unmistakable sound of the lid pop off of a Vaseline jar.  To the side of the bed she could see her Master’s boots, standing next to her, and she now knew that the man behind her was the stranger.  His finger was now applying the grease to her anal pucker, and a finger slowly inserted itself into her asshole, all the way to the palm of the hand. 

   She heard her Master telling her that she was an anal slut, that this is what she had trained for, and as he stroked her hair she felt the strangers cockhead at the entrance to her ass, and she moaned as the flared head made its entrance, slowly easing into her.  The man stopped just inside her, and her Master untied her hands and told her to spread her ass for the man.  She reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks wide, and as she did she felt the cock slide into her ass, until she could feel the hair on the man’s stomach against her beaten ass and thighs.  She began to salivate as she was stretched, the pain giving her a faint pang of pleasure as he withdrew, then slowly sliding into her again. 

   The man was re-positioning himself behind her, and she spread her knees wider, thrusting her ass back to him as he began to increase the speed of his fuck. She had taken six full, hard strokes of cock in her ass when her Master reached between her legs and stroked her clit, and she came against his hand, her cunt squirting on his fingers and her ass clenching on the strangers cock imbedded in her asshole, and she felt the man’s hot spunk squirting into her bowels.

    She was sobbing with the intensity of her orgasm as she felt the man withdraw, and she felt his sperm leaking from her gaping asshole, and then he was in front of her, his shrinking penis covered in the slime of their fuck. She sucked the juices off of his cock, and sucked the sperm from the hair around his balls as best she could, then her Master’s erection was in front of her, and she sucked her Master off with the most loving devotion she could muster, gazing lovingly up into his eyes as he held her head, shooting his seed into her sucking mouth.

  Her Master then made her walk, naked, to the door with man.  She was then made to assume the prostrate slave position, and thank the man for fucking her in the ass. She then repeated the words that her Master related to her. 

BDSM Library: Anal Slut – Part 1

   She had been with him for about a month when it started.  She had committed to being his slave after only a few weeks into their relationship, her life devoted to his pleasure. She found total release in submitting to his desires, and she found him to be a strict but loving Master. 

  She had never taken a man anally before she met him, and he took great delight in penetrating her there; holding her knees hard against her chest while he pressed his hard cock against her greased asshole, slowly letting the head pop into her ass while she gasped, making her open herself while he slid his hardness into her, then slowly withdrawing the entire length, all the way back out, to begin the process again. She was always spanked before the anal sessions, and she could feel the burning in her ass cheeks as she pulled them apart for her ass fucking. 

   He made her beg for them, too. The spankings. And the ass fuckings.  He would spank her soundly, sometimes for an hour or more, until she was reduced to sobbing.  Then he would make her beg to be fucked in the ass.  Even after the spanking, and after all the times it had happened previously,  she never failed to feel a rush of shame and humiliation as she begged for it, begged for the man that had just so mercilessly spanked her, to penetrate her between her spread, burning ass cheeks. He would manipulate the throbbing clitoris that protruded from between her waxed-bare cunt lips with his thumb, and he would make her cum while she was impaled on his cock, her ass muscles clenching the shaft while her cunt convulsed in orgasm. 

   He frequently did not cum while fucking her ass, and he would hold her there, impaled on his hardness, while telling her that she was in training to be an anal slut.  That her ass would be opened by others, and that she would gladly spread her ass cheeks to accept other male cocks, and that she would do it without hesitation.  She always agreed, knowing that it pleased him for her to agree, and her reward was usually more stroking of her clit, allowing her to cum again.  He would then pull out of her ass and straddle her head, and she would open her mouth to take his cock between her lips.  She could smell the acrid smell of her own asshole, and feel the greasy Vaseline on her lips as she slowly, lovingly sucked the hot sperm from her Master’s cock, swallowing it as if were the nectar of the God’s, which, to her, it was.

    She was on her hands and knees on the bed, and had just completed a long session squirming under her Master’s belt.  She held a riding crop between her teeth.  Her Master had told her that he wished to mark her with two dozen welts from it next, and she was to hold it for him, and as she concentrated on not letting it fall from between her teeth, she heard the doorbell ring.  She was told to hold her position as he left the room.  She heard voices; her Master’s and that of another male, and she felt herself flush as the voices entered the room.  Her head was on the mattress, her ass thrust up in the air. Her Master had left the belt draped across her bright red buttocks when he left the room, and he was now telling this stranger about how she had just been whipped with the belt, and that he was just in time to see her be whipped with the crop. 

Electro Torments – Free BDSM Pictures

Sub Emma is a 24year old girl from England with a deep lust for SM, humiliation and rough sex. Emma is an incredibly charming painslut with a wild desire to explore even the weirdest and scariest corners of SM. Emmas biggest turnon is intense humiliation play whilst her biggest fear is electro pain. Even the thought of electro makes her shiver. None surprisingly she is given a good mixture of the humiliation pleasures and painful fears in the SM sessions she has to endure. Emma is a highly slavegirl. She training to enter the world as a lifestyle painslave and enjoying every step of the way through pleasure and pain

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Till this point we have taken on a thorough training program involving obedience training, extreme punishments and humiliation. In the following three displays of her SM sessions you will get a good peek behind the curtains of her severe training that has taken her through stern breast bondage, severe electro pain, evil spanking and outragious humiliation

Slavegirl Emma yelling in pain at: The Pain Files

Painslave Pixie

Painslave Pixie is ordered to lift heavy weights and hold them steady at arms length. Obviously, the english cutie struggles with the simple task given by her dom and requires further encouragements. Submissive Pixies pussy is metal clamped and she is whipped mercilessly right up between her legs with a biting flogger.

Slavegirl Pixie tormentedSlavegirl Pixie tormented
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Painslut Pixie bravely tries to keep lifting the strong metal weights whilst the whip bites directly up into her openly exposed pussy. The SM sub screams and cries but there is no relief from her punishments.

Slavegirl Pixie tormentedSlavegirl Pixie tormented

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